Saturday, August 19, 2006


Last night we proceeded to go to this Uniq bar in Helsinki. It had this amazing ice cavern in it that you had to pay 10e to get into. Well worth it, the bar tables and walls were all illuminated with blue lights, it looke sweet. I brought my video camera and taped some of the exploits. The worst footage was when I was dancing around this girl shaking the camera to the beat, really cheesy.

We managed to get home and then Jarko slept through his alarm clock and missed 4 hours of work on his second to last day. Not only that, but someone also stole his bike tire, which was a true pain in the ass.

Lastnight were the Finnish fireworks competition. They were alright, not quite the synphony of fire level but not bad. Were were drinking in the park with a bunch of friends and met up with some young Finnish girls. After this we went to Molly Malones which is a classic Irish bar. I had a few more rounds, and ended up wasting money on the blackjack table in the bar. I don't think they should be allowed to take that much money from people who were drinking. After the bar shut down at 4 am, me and Mat randomly met up with This young couple Juhana Tikkanen and Leena Mari. At this point in time we had a few to many drinks and were down for whatever. There was a huge line for taxi's so these guys offered to take us to a place where we could find one. We ended up going to their place which was very far away, and stayed up all night telling stories and drinking. They were very unique. He was 28 she 19 and they really worked well for each other. The funnyinst part of the evening was when leena pured beer on me, and I didn't retaliate do to Juhana's request. I was choked, and she knew it. to set things at ease she sat down and poured a bottle of beer on her head. I loved her after that!!

But I go to St Petursburg in 4 hours and I havn't stated to pack.

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