Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lordi Lordi Aug 26th

(Aug 26) As mentioned before we had only been able to grab 2 hours sleep the night before. This was due to Helsinki’s great night life. This night we chose Studio 51. There was promise of “tonight, crazy night” fun. The story went that a Portuguese man had gone there the week before and managed to have fun with tons of girls by only repeating these two words “tonight, crazy night!” I saw the man, and if that worked, surely I had a universe of fun possibilities. Lots of girls were met but no substantial connections were had. We eventually left due to our need for rest. We had just been at a huge Finnish concert series before the club. The main reason for going to this concert was the famous Finnish group “Lordi”. There were tons of beautiful young Finnish girls there I had a true rock concert experience with a young girl on my shoulders singing along to “hard rock halleluiah!” Great fun. Before this we were sitting on a hill drinking with some other Finnish girls, man do I wish I was still in Helsinki and not in the London/Heathrow Airport. This is really hitting me hard, I don’t want to be finished my journey. I hope to see all of the friends I made again and I hope I learned something about myself and Russia.

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