Monday, August 14, 2006

Today was the first day of class, it is going to be a long week. This teacher Dr. Ingmar Tollet is a relic. He is borderline old folks home, he will talk for a moment and then pause for at least 5 seconds, and in the meantime everyone is fading out. I looked at my classmates at one point in time and 4 out of 10 were sleeping. I myself was fading in and out of consciousness. The entire experience reminded me of church, the eternal fight to make an effort to pay attention, but the inability to be more interested in what was being said over what you brain could imagine. This is the mad that will lead the study tour through St. Petersburg, I hope he becomes more engaging. He is a smart man with years of amazing experience, but he is literally over the hill.
The ten people in my class are from everywhere in the world. They are all around 28-35 years old and engineering students. Cheryl and Joanna (Asha) are in my class, I knew them from Kwantlen. I have to hang out with them for the next two weeks. Cheryl is a driven girl who is a vegetarian, she runs every morning and is as skinny as one can possibly be. She is interested in history culture and is a self proclaimed geek, she is kind of cute, I would like to get to know her more closely. Asha, is young 19 in both age and mind. She is nice but a bit of a ditz. I am sure we can have a good time in Russia.
Today me and the boys climbed the highest point in Helsinki (really just a hill) it had great views of the city and of where we live. We brought a bunch of beer to the top of the mountain, and figure out a way to play hot-crossed-buns with our bottles. The video is hilarious, or maybe so after you have had a few.
I have to read 30 more pages of home work tonight, or sleep, hard choice. The projects I chose are multi national trade in Russia -Baltika brewing, and doing business transactions in Russia Vs West. I may join the girls and do one project and a big exam

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