Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dr. Tollet is really an interesting guy, when ou can get words out of him. He used to work for Cableworx, which turned into Nokia. He can speak French, German, Swedish, Russian, English, and Finnish. I really have been challenged to get my act together when I am surrounded by motivated people. Cheryl is really a fascinating girl, she is a complete academic nerd, which I find soo attractive. She reads books on string theory, runs, plays tennis, and rebuilds old motorbikes for hobbies, not to mention she is really cute. I will make some efforts to spend more time with her. I went for a jog with her through this park area, and we found this inflated tennis dome that costs 10 Euros to play each game.
This Dr. Tollet decided to do a case study in addition to the projects that were are assigned, this seems like an unorganized waste of time, but I will try to get something out of it. The more I read about the Russian people, the less I would ever want to to business there. They seem so backwards, unmotivated, uncompromising, mistrustful, and ignorant of logic and facts. With this combination, it is no surprise to me that they are not a successful transitional economy. Hungary for example is able to switch from communism to capitalism with greater success. It may be due to the scale of the country, and adapting their manufacturing to a demand model, and learning how to market products to increase demand. I can almost see things changing into a more western business model within the next 50-60 years, as this generation is able to shake off the historical baggage that is weighing their economy down.

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