Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am here in London, and I have only ventured a few blocks from my Hostel. I forgot the shadiness of these places, however I wasn’t carrying $2000 worth of toys the last time I arrived. This city is unlike anything I have experienced, yet it seems so familiar. It is defiantly a multiethnic hotbed with a predominance of Arabs. The architecture is beautiful and the streets are clean, the block around the hostel screams of history, one can only imagine the events that have transpired blocks from this place. All of the buildings make full use of their Victorian styling at night with halogen spotlights highlighting the layer exterior of most of the buildings. If I were not soo jetlagged, I would be out exploring every nook and cranny. The room I m sharing has only Italians in it. I made dinner with them today, and peeled a tomato for the first time. Their pasta sauce had salt oil onion, and tomato in in. Honestly I prefer the bastardized north American version. These guys all come from Sicily and can hardly speak English. I feel ostracized when I hang out with them for too long. So I looked elsewhere for companionship. I met a nice Dutch girl who worked at reception. Her name is Anaje or something like that. I met a dancer from Vancouver, she is cute but only talks about herself, how boring. I may go to the market with her tomorrow in hopes of getting a little action now, or back home. I plyed cards with Michelle and the two beautiful French girls. We played asshole for 3 rounds and we didn’t change positions until I let the cutest of them beat me in the last round. I will see what tomorrow has in store for me, but I want to take full advantage of what the day could offer.

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